June 20, 2015

DIY Floral Monogram Letter

Summer is not only swimsuit season, barbecue season, camping season, etc. For me, it's also DIY season :)
My roommate and I have been way to excited about decorating, and I don't quite remember how this project idea came to mind, but I have been thinking about it for a long time. Considering that I've kept a lot of the same decor pieces that I've had since I was five in my room (i.e. my Winnie the Pooh clock), I really want to make my side of the dorm room up to date with my current style. One of my goals is to make as many inexpensive DIY pieces as possible that can help me achieve a room design that truly reflects my current interests: minimalism and gold/white color palettes.

I think that this floral monogram letter would look really well with white, and I think that the flowers complement the greenery that I want to add to my room (hint of minimalism). All of that aside, I just really like how it looks :) The best part---- cost about $21 to make: the monogram "planter" (from Michael's) was on sale for $7, and I got the flowers from Hobby Lobby (total of $11 --- I recommend going to the dollar store to find the small flowers first and then going to a craft store to buy the bigger accent flowers later to save money).

i had some leaves leftover from my DIY flower crown (always good to save things like this; you never know when you'll need it!) which worked really well with the planter. The leaves that came with the flowers were too big for this project but I'm saving them because who knows when I'll need them again?

Plus, the sunflower came with this really really long stem that I'm going to use for a DIY jewelry holder ;) (look forward to seeing that DIY!)

DIY Floral Monogram Letter

wooden flower planter OR foam letter*
fake flowers and leaves
hot glue gun
wire cutters (better than scissors!)


1. Cut the flowers off of their stems, leaving only a little bit of the stems attached to the flowers
2. Arrange the leaves/flowers on the planter
3. Use the hot glue gun to glue the leaves/flowers to the planter

*If you are using a foam letter, don't cut the stems off of the flowers! Just poke holes in the foam letter using the stems of the flowers
and pull the flower through. You can trim the excess stem once you find an arrangement you like. You might, however, need to glue the leaves, depending on how far they are from the flower. You can also glue the flowers down to secure them.

xoxo, han

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