May 17, 2015

Weekend In Review

This weekend was long and eventful. Yes, Thursday is technically not Saturday or Sunday, but it is towards the end of the week, therefore I declare it to be part of this weekend recap. Thursday, afterschool, my brother and I made a quick stop by the frozen yogurt store (not the best but they did have dairy-free options) to support our Relay for Life fundraiser. (Hint: the colorful one is always mine)

We also celebrated my Grandpa's birthday a day later (on Thursday). I gave him a Chinese version of the very first Harry Potter book and made him a watercolor cake :)

On Friday, we had our very last orchestra concert in Ocean Grove. You would've never guessed that this beautiful concert hall exists based on the exterior of the building.
and 12+ hours on Saturday was spent at a Relay for Life event :) Being the co-chair is not easy, but the event just makes all of the work so worth it.
(out of respect for our guests, I'm not going to post any other photos from the night)

xoxo, han

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