May 25, 2015

Monogrammed Wedding Ring Dish

Wedding season is here, and I've seen several monogrammed wedding ring dishes on Pinterest, so I thought I'd try to make one! It's actually very simple and it makes for a really nice, thoughtful gift :)

DIY Monogrammed Wedding Ring Dish

1 large chunk of polymer clay (for the dish)
2 small pieces of polymer clay (for the love birds)

a plastic knife
hot glue/polymer clay glue*
(opt) a piece of lace fabric


1. Knead the large piece of polymer clay.
2. Roll the kneaded piece into a ball.
3. Press your thumb into the center of the ball
4. Rotate the ball clockwise, continuing to press your thumb into the middle to flatten it out into a dish shape
5. Even out the edges (making sure it's all uniform in width)
6. Use the back of the knife and carve the initials into the dish
7. (opt) press the piece of lace fabric into a corner of the dish to create an imprint
8. Knead the two smaller pieces of polymer. Shape into birds.
9. Bake according to manufacturer's instructions (about 30 minutes at 270*F for me)
10. Let it cool completely and then glue the birds onto the dish

*hot glue really doesn't work for polymer clay, but that's all I had. You just have to work really quickly, and hot glue does not ensure that
the birds will stay on, but it's an alternative to buying polymer clay glue!

xoxo, han

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