May 3, 2015

Gluten-Free Scavenger Hunt at Wegman's

So Wegman's is my favorite grocery store: the quality of the products is very high, the prices are in between those of Whole Food's and Shop Rite, the customer service is incredible, there is a wide wide wide variety of products, and the company is consistently moving towards spreading sustainable practices. Yesterday, I was able to add yet another reason to that list: Wegman's is CREATIVE!

My mom and I went into Wegman's expecting to only be there for 10 minutes, but we ended up touring the entire store for about half an hour. From 12 - 3 pm on Saturday May 2nd, our local Wegman's held a gluten-free awareness "scavenger hunt": 9 stations were set up throughout the store (identified by the yellow/green balloons), and each station had gluten-free food to sample. The employee at each station signed off on a card if you stopped by to sample the food, and at the end, when all 9 boxes (there were 10 and we did waste about 5 minutes circling the entire store again, looking for the 10th station) were signed off, you'd receive a free Wegman's reusable grocery bag full of gluten-free samples. Oh yes. Oh yes.

This was not only extremely exciting and fun for the customers, but a very clever marketing strategy: we tried so many products that we would have easily overlooked on any given day! Our favorite was the curried lentil dip by Hope Foods! Among the many things we tried, we tasted lentil crackers served with guacamole, almond rice crackers (Nut Thins) served with hummus, Wegman's blue corn tortilla chips (my favorites) with salsa and guacamole, a berry-yogurt smoothie with carob powder, and a gluten-free cookie. 

There was this one station that wasn't part of this promotional event that gave out sushi. Good sushi. Instead of using eel (not a sustainable practice) as an ingredient, they used catfish! 
Zucchini noodles with tomato sauce
The best dip I've ever tried. EVER. The price is steep for a small box ($5), but I intend on developing a recipe for a homemade version!
bought Wegman's blue corn tortilla chips in anticipation for Cinco de Mayo and ate it with Chipotle

Now for the reveal of the contents of the bag:

yeah. okay. Wegman's, you are officially one of my happy places.

xoxo, han

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