April 18, 2015

Tin Drum AsiaCafe (Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA)

Prices: $-$$
Location: Atlanta, GA
Portions: Medium
Ambiance: Reminds me of an Asian version of a Starbucks: modern through the pops of color but looks like an internet cafe: casual, friendly.
Service: The cashier who took our order was friendly and the workers seemed approachable. The food arrived quickly.
Food: I ordered the Kang Yum Mango salad (has an asian slaw, rice on the bottom, spinach, subbed tofu for meat, mango chutney, subbed out the "spicy mango" for the sesame-ginger dressing, but the cashier did seem confused when I asked her how spicy the dressing is...) . I did really like the salad; the tofu was cooked in a green coconut curry broth that is not spicy at all, just super fragrant and yummy. The meat that they serve is USDA Organic too, which is unique to fast food restaurants! My mom didn't like her pad thai (too sweet) and my dad's chicken was too spicy, but it's a nice place for American-Asian food that's not as unhealthy. 
Verdict: This is a nice switch from typical Asian restaurants, although this is an Asian Fusion restaurant that's Americanized. You'll find Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese food here, so there's a nice variety. I'd come here if I had to, but it's not my first choice; at the same time, this place isn't bad at all, it's just not the kind of fast food place that you'd want to come to over and over again (not Chipotle). Just a note: this chain is only located throughout Georgia and Florida!

xoxo, han

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