April 16, 2015

The Corner Cafe (Buckhead, Georgia)

Prices: $-$$
Location: Buckhead, Georgia
Portions: Medium-Large
Ambiance: Yellow and white striped awnings on the outside lend a cheerful & sunny ambiance before anyone even enters the restaurant. The inside of the restaurant relies on a lot of natural lighting that really just makes the entire place glow and look warm & welcoming. The bakery section is decorated with modern artwork and the entire restaurant has large, spherical lights hanging from the ceiling. The classic, cushioned benches remind us that it's still a traditional diner but the vibe has a modern twist to it.
You'll see a lot of people having breakfast meetings with clients there, even on a regular Thursday morning ;)
Service: Our server was really nice and the food came out quickly. We didn't see the server all that much but the service in general was attentive and quick. 
Food: While I only ordered a side of berries to go with my pre-packed breakfast, the food looked really good. There is a soy-milk option in case anyone is concerned about dairy in their granola; the real stars of the menu would be the main breakfast dishes, from the scrambled eggs to the hashes. They make the bread from scratch and you can see that from the bakery so everything is very fresh and authentic. If you don't feel like sitting down for a big breakfast, pick something up from their bakery! They even have pre-packaged lunches. 
Verdict: This is a really nice, classic diner that doesn't have that retro-American feel that gets tiring. It's fresh but still comforting; I think that this is definitely a place to consider coming to, for breakfast/brunch/lunch/whenever!

Cafe Cappuccino

Chef Brendan’s Scratch Corned Beef Hash and Farm Poached Eggs (served with Country Italian Toast)
my mom and brother split this and they were kind enough to serve it already split and give each person two slices of toast)

my breakfast... ;) (rice krispies, side of berries, soy milk from the hotel's Starbucks)

Smoked Salmon Scramble with a bagel, pico de gallo, grits

xoxo, han

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