April 15, 2015

Nam Phuong Restaurant (Atlanta, Georgia)

Prices: $
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Portions: Medium-Large
Ambiance: While it's located on a highway and might not seem very pretty on the outside, the restaurant is very clean and warm on the inside. The decor is simple and straightforward: modern twists on traditional Asian designs. 
Service: The hostess was really nice and the food arrived pretty quickly. The service was attentive and they mostly kept away as much as possible, so there's not an overwhelming presence of the servers around you, and you get pretty lost in your food so you don't notice much anyways ;)
Food: The portions, like most Vietnamese restaurants, are HUGE. The food was really good, but the menu items are a bit more progressive and different: there's no 3-colored ice drink (my mom was disappointed by that), no steamed crepes (but a pan fried one), and their shrimp wrapped in tofu wasn't what my dad had expected (beancurd sheet wrapped around shrimp paste and then deep fried), so ask questions just so you know exactly what you're ordering. 
Verdict: The food is inexpensive and comes in large portions, what's not to like about that? :) I'd definitely come back here!

Crepe filled with meat & shrimp: eaten by wrapping a part of the crepe with lettuce and topping the "wrap" off with carrots, mint, parsley

Vermicelli Noodle Bowl with Shrimp: comes with 8 pieces of shrimp, so they really don't skimp out on anything! Unlike other places, the noodles don't come with a peanut sauce but a sweet and sour carrot dressing. I added the dressing and some hoisin to add flavor.

Shrimp Paste wrapped in Tofu

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (classic Vietnamese dish)
Catfish cooked in a Hot Pot (my dad and brother really liked this)

 and their small touch that I really appreciated? orange in the water!

xoxo, han

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