April 6, 2015

How to Cook an Artichoke

i've never eaten artichoke until Saturday, and honestly, they looked pretty intimidating, but here's a comprehensive guide on how to cook an artichoke that's simple to follow!

Preparing the artichoke:

1. Pick off the tiny little petals on the base of the artichoke and on the stem.

(also, rub the parts that you pick off/cut off with some lemon to avoid browning!)

2. See those spikes? Snip the ones on the edge petals off with kitchen scissors and just chop off the ones on the petals centered in the middle.

3. Cut off the stem from the base and cut off the very bottom of the stem (discard the very bottom part). Don't forget to continue rubbing the lemon all over the artichoke!
4. Add the artichoke to a pot of water and bring the pot of water to a boil. The artichoke is ready when you can easily
pick off a petal with tongs! 
5. Just eat the artichoke by scraping your teeth along the inner side of the petal (the white stuff is the flesh that you can eat)! You can also eat the stem! And once you've peeled off most of the petals and you're left with these little thistles on the "base" of the artichoke, scoop out those thistles with a spoon (discard) and eat the part that's leftover (all of it!---it's the artichoke "heart").

Pair with a mix of sundried tomatoes/garlic or apricot mustard dressing!

going to be gone for a few days, so see you soon :)
xoxo, han

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