April 14, 2015

Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead, Georgia

lounge/restaurant on the first floor:

the garden/deck on the 3rd floor has one of the best views:

The entire hotel looks so posh/elegant/sophisticated, kind of like you're in a grand Southern mansion ;)

They hold several conventions here, but they don't take away from the stay at all (you hardly notice them)

Huge plus: 6 elevators --- no need to wait forever!

In general, our stay was very pleasant. The front desk was very friendly to me when I simply passed by on my way to the Starbucks (first floor lounge restaurant has a coffee bar) to get soy milk (yup, you can buy a whole cup of soy milk for a little over $2), and mom had a good experience with them.

I think the only possible downside would be the parking situation: there's a parking deck right next to the hotel, and while the first two floors are reserved for guests only, it's a hassle having to walk back and forth. The hotel is located in a wonderful location though; it's more of the business district so you'll see lots of beautifully lit, tall buildings at night and it's right by several restaurants, Lenox Mall, and about 10 minutes from Atlantic Station (more shopping).

Our room had a refrigerator but no microwave 

Tip: Rather than buying water/drinking the $3 bottle in your room, bring a refillable bottle and get water from the gym room!

 The gym room is very large too; there's also an outdoor pool and a sauna in both the men's and women's locker rooms. I looved the fact that there are little computers on each treadmill! I watched Food Network and attempted to surf YouTube ;) (yup, there's internet!)

xoxo, han

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