April 17, 2015

Fresh 2 Order (CNN Center, Atlanta, GA)

Black Bean Burger:black beans & rice patty, avocado slices, corn relish, pickled jalepenos (yup, I picked those out), lettuce, apple as a side

Prices: $-$$
Location: CNN Center (Atlanta, GA)
Portions: Small-Medium
Ambiance: Looks like an "upscale" fast food dining place; the benches are L-shaped and have more of an Asian/Oriental flare. The vase shaped lights aren't too bright, making the whole place look slightly more sophisticated. All the while, it's a typical "fast food" place but doesn't have the negative "fast food" connotation.
Service: The cashier taking my order was super friendly and nice; I was able to sub out the bread for extra lettuce in my burger easily. On the other hand, I waited for a very long time for my food, and I was nearing the "hangry" phase... Several other people who ordered after me received their food before me, so I was disappointed with the wait time. I suspect that my wait time is connected to my order, a Black Bean Burger (vegan), which is most likely not commonly ordered and takes longer to defrost(?)/prepare.
Food: The burger was pretty good, but I will say that the Rainforest Natural Burger is still my favorite. The burger comes with the choice of an apple or a bag of chips, but I'd still say that it's definitely not worth the price (the Rainforest burger is only a few dollars more and can be easily split into 2 meals!). The corn relish was very oily and the oil just sat on top of my lettuce, so I wasn't too impressed; at the same time, they never gave me the horseradish honey mustard sauce which I kinda wanted to try, but I was starving, so I ate it all and quite frankly, it tasted good in general. I will say though, that the food that I saw come past me for other people, like the satay, was beautifully plated and I was impressed, given that this is a "fast food" restaurant. 
Verdict: I'd give this place another try; the menu has something for everyone: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, omnivore. I would definitely choose this place over Subway's. Just a note: this chain only has franchises in the Southeast of the US, so it's not widely available.

xoxo, han

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