March 23, 2015

Umi Sushi and Seafood Buffet (Hamilton, NJ)

Prices: $$ (about $23 per adult for dinner)
Location: Hamilton, NJ
Portions: (Buffet)
Ambiance: Right when you enter, there are several glass screens with water trickling down and changing lights, which I thought was pretty cool. The whole place is very modern yet clean with Asian accents throughout, from the "window" to the private room to the red accents. It's very clean, warm, and inviting.
Service: The servers were attentive but they didn't really stand out--- they weren't very friendly but they weren't cold either. They did their job and that was pretty much it.
Verdict: The food was pretty different from the food that I've had at other Asian buffets in NJ (the one we go to more frequently is Tokyo in Freehold): although you have the fried rice and stir-frys to cover the Americanized-Chinese food, there are a lot more unique and traditional options. The dimsum area had zhongzi (not very flavorful and full of meat, but still a nice try), there was hijiki salad (soo good), and several several several kinds of salmon: salmon sashimi, salmon tataki, smoked salmon, cooked salmon fillet.... I also particularly liked the fact that the chefs had payed attention to their sushi: at Tokyo Buffet, the sushi rice is very cold/hard and there is hardly any filling at all. Here, the sushi actually has rice and looks like actual sushi, not like the end cuts of the sushi roll ;) If anyone's wondering, there's a BBQ/hibachi station, crepe station (in addition to the dessert table), several hot food areas, a salad area, sushi area, and a fruit area. For more photos, read this article on (I read this article before going, and it did give me higher hopes---these hopes weren't necessarily let down but they weren't achieved either)
The one thing that my dad and I noticed was that everything was quite sweet...the food doesn't taste like it's been heavily coated in sugar, but you can definitely pick up the sugar that's added. With that being said though, I do like the food here simply because there's new options and higher quality items, and I definitely prefer this place over the very crowded Tokyo Buffet.

smoked salmon, salmon sashimi (not that great), salmon tataki, hijiki salad (sooo good) , bok choy and shiitake mushrooms (really good too) , vegetarian sushi (had a lot of this), inari sushi (guilty pleasure), squid (eh it was okay)

Hijiki salad, fried rice (not good), salmon tataki, teriyaki shrimp, zhongzi, vegetarian sushi roll, salmon, teriyaki calamari, grilled veggies (kind of oily, but really good!)

my brother's crepe from the crepe station: chocolate, strawberries, peaches (canned)

xoxo, han

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  1. I think I might try this buffet. I'm new to the pa area and I'm looking for buffets and other good restaurants to try. ^_^