March 18, 2015

Sunshine Seasons (Disney World's Epcot in Orlando, FL)

My dad's favorite place to eat in Disney World, and now, probably mine ;)

Salmon with potatoes, green beans and salsa. Banana on the side (saved that for later because this meal was filling!)

Prices: $-$$
Location: Future World in Epcot
Portions: Medium
Ambiance: It's a cafeteria style place, and there are cheerful colors everywhere. The ceiling is decorated with streamers (tasteful ones, not the dollar store ones!) and hot air balloons. This is actually in the same building as three other rides, one including Soarin'! It gets crowded, but it's not impossible to find seating. 
ServiceService was quick, and the girl who put my plate together was so considerate and even placed the salsa in a separate cup when I just asked for it to be on the side. Walking into the cafeteria area can be a little disorienting at first; there are different lines for different things and everything seems so streamlined and efficient (play on the stereotype of "future" perhaps?), but all you have to do is grab a tray and just walk through the place to scan your options!
Verdict: This is one of the few places that serves healthy food that's suitable for everyone! There's meat, there's fish, there's a vegan stir-fry. There's Mexican fish tacos, Asian stir-frys, Mediterranean flat bread veggie sandwiches. If your'e in a rush, you can quickly run to the grab-n-go area and take your pick from pre-packaged salads and sandwiches. There's something for everyone. Plus, on our meal tickets, we could also get desserts, and this place has A TON: carrot cake cupcakes, giant M&M cookies, strawberry shortcake... I went for the banana, but I was super appreciative that the lady at the check-out line let me take the banana instead of a dessert ;) I loooove this place; the salmon I ordered was probably the most well-cooked piece of fish I've ever eaten, the potatoes were so fluffy on the inside and perfectly seasoned, and the green beans weren't too tough (not the best, but I can look over that). My friends loved their food (two got the veggie flatbread sandwich, one got a chicken stir-fry, another got the fish tacos) too ;) 
All in all, I highly highly highly recommend this place!

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