March 11, 2015

Senior Trip to Disney: Day 3

in line for Tower of Terror

Sorry for the late post, but today has been a busy busy day. 
Here are the photos from my third day at Disney :)
We went from MGM (braved Tower of Terror) to Epcot to Downtown Disney, all in a day. 

One tip for anyone going to Downtown Disney from the All-Star Sports resort: DON'T GO ON WEEKEND NIGHTS! It took me 30 minutes to wait for the shuttle, 30 minutes to sit on the shuttle to get there, and by that time, I only had 30 minutes to run to Erin McKenna's Bakery (vegan & gluten-free bakery that's been on my restaurant bucketlist FOREVER) and take a quick peek at a store. Then, I waited for the bus for 20 minutes again, and sat on it for another 30 minutes (had to make curfew). I picked up dinner at the hotel (veggie burger again), and had a pretty fun night in the hotel room ;)

Also another tip for anyone going to MGM: get your fastpasses the night before on the Disney app!!! Please do that because there are only 3 rides at MGM and the fastpasses go out...well, fast. I didn't get to ride the Rock'n'Rollercoaster, but I did wait 70 minutes with my friends for Toy Story Mania, which was really fun but I'm not sure if it was worth the long wait. 

mind you, it was about 60 degrees and there was a lot of wind, so props to me for braving the weather and wearing shorts ;)

used our meal tickets at Sunshine Seasons, my dad's favorite place to eat at Epcot :)
The salmon was incredible --- probably the most moist and well cooked fish I've ever had.

tasting international sodas at Club Cool --- my favorites are Thailand's and Greece's.

for the record, I instagrammed the above photo and Erin McKenna commented and liked the photo! And then...she followed me :O :D

picked up dinner from EndZone (cafe at the hotel) around 9:30 pm :P

Veggie burger sans bun with carmelized onions (eh), mushrooms (really good), pickles, tomatoes, and ketchup (their lettuce did not look good). I got fruit instead of a side of fries (I had them for breakfast the next morning, and I gotta say, the preservative they put on the fruit made them taste a little weird), and then of course the Samoa donut and lemon loaf from Erin McKenna's Bakery :) (no worries, I ate half of each and saved the rest for the next day --- i have some self-control!)

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xoxo, han

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