March 9, 2015

Senior Trip to Disney: Day 1

just spent twelve hours traveling this is gonna be a short and sweet post, just like my first day at Disney.
We spent 12 hours traveling that day too (5 am to 5 pm....things come full the circle of life :O ---sorry): spent 1.5 hours at school to check in luggage & wait for the bus, spent 2.5 hours on the road to the airport (winter storm Thor was baaad), and then spent about 3 hours in the airport, and then another 2 hours on the plane, waiting to take off. Then of course there's the 2.5 hour plane ride and the 30 minute travel to the resort. lovely. but the excitement and thrill of going to the happiest place on earth couldn't be surpassed.

saw this on the news literally 2 minutes before taking off. scared the heck out of everyone, especially because it was about 20 minutes away from us:

 they spent quite some time spraying pink and green liquid all over the plane to de-ice it:

headed to Epcot for our dinner reservations at Nine Dragons; I ordered the fried rice (without ham and chicken).
i could have eaten this over a span of 3 meals, but nope, i ate all of it because i was starving and i hate wasting food. 

after dinner, we headed off to Soarin' and waited only ~10 minutes to get on (that's pretty awesome). 
we ended the short time we had at Epcot that day with fireworks:

watch my vlog!:


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xoxo, han


  1. One of the simplest, most inexpensive, and most fun ideas for a Senior Trip Ideas is a camping trip! If you’re outdoorsy, this is probably the senior trip of your dreams! Sleeping in tents, watching the sunrise, hiking early in the morning, but if you’re like me, all of that doesn’t sound so appealing... But you can still enjoy a semi-traditional camping trip and stay in a cabin near the beach or in the mountains, with running water and real beds, but Mother Nature right on your door step!

    1. That's a valid idea! We actually did something similar during the 6th grade --- unfortunately the rain dampened our spirits ;)!