March 3, 2015

NuMe Magic Wand Unboxing

Yup. This YouTube trend is expensive, but I found a coupon code online ("beloved") that reduced the original $149 price down to $29.99 (not including the $12 shipping fee). I think that's pretty impressive, and considering that I've been having the urge to cut my hair (not to worry, won't happen for a few months, but it will happen ;D), I wanted a manageable wand that would help me achieve loose curls quickly.

i've only used this curling wand once, so I don't think I should do a review just yet, but my first impressions are good ;)

here are photos of the unboxing process though!

comes in a protective cardboard cylindrical container that's a pretty useful way to store the curling wand. 

I ordered the 32 mm (about 1.5") "Magic Wand": compared to the regular wand, the magic wand can be heated to various temperatures, ranging from 140*F to 450*F. Read more here :)

Something that I really really like about this too, is that it comes with a styling glove --- now you don't have to worry about burns!

(and just as a disclaimer, this is not sponsored ;] )

xoxo, han 

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