March 14, 2015

Nine Dragons (at Disney World's Epcot in Orlando, FL)

Prices: $-$$
Location: in China in Epcot's World Showcase Pavilion
Portions: Medium
Ambiance: Chinese inspired decor, from lanterns to Asian style door frames to Asian placemats
Service: The service was friendly and quick; we even added another person to our reservation, which is usually impossible for reservations at big Disney restaurants (ex: Crystal Palace) and we did it without having to pay an extra fee! We just walked up when we checked in for our reservation and asked to add another person! Of course, this place wasn't as crowded as other Disney restaurants, so it was a lot easier for them to do this. All of the Disney restaurants, including this one, allowed us to have individual checks, even for a party of 11, which is much more convenient when traveling with a group.
Verdict: To be honest, the food here isn't "traditional" Chinese whatsoever, but they don't use MSG, which makes this place unique compared to a lot of other Chinese restaurants. If you're not a Chinese food connoisseur, then you might enjoy this place. On the other hand, I'd rather try "La Hacienda de San Angel", which has seating right near the water -- if you make reservations for 8:30 pm, you 'll be able to enjoy your dinner while watching the 9 pm fireworks!

Did this kid finish all of that rice? Well you'll just have to read on to find out ;)

Yup, I did.

I ordered the fried rice sans chicken and ham, so just shrimp. Like the reviews I read on Yelp, it was pretty bland. You could taste some flavor, but it honestly wasn't very flavorful. However, being the person who detests wasting food, I ate it all. Granted, this dish is more of a family-style serving dish and is not really meant for one person (hence the incredibly large serving spoon), but I mustered up my courage and I did it ---and rode Soarin' aftewards ;)

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