February 26, 2015

OhSheGlow's Feel Good Hearty Granola Bars

tested out OhSheGlow's Feel Good Hearty Granola Bars recipe while I was snowed in last Saturday ;)
Now, I have lots of granola bars in the freezer in preparation for my senior trip next week!

I tried hemp seeds for the first time and I like that they really don't have much of a flavor! They're much softer than seeds but they still have some texture; the best part about hemp seeds is that they have A LOT of protein, which is the key ingredient in keeping one fueled.

i was a bit hesitant when I read the recipe, because bananas were used as the binding agent, and they tend to make baked goods (when it comes to cookies and granola bars) super dense and chewy, in a way that makes me cringe (bad memories of "breakfast cookies" :P),
but i'm happy to report that while these bars weren't crispy, they weren't overly chewy. they tasted pretty good and the great thing is that they're chock full of lots of power foods, from walnuts, to pumpkin seeds, to hemp seeds. Angela (OhSheGlows) added 3/4 cup of dried fruit to sweeten her granola bars; I only added 1/4 and it still tasted fine!

another plus is that they freeze and defrost beautifully; i defrosted one on the counter (for about 6 hours) and it tasted just like it did out of the oven!  

is there anything i don't like about these granola bars?
ehhh...not really. flavor wise, it's not as sweet as normal granola bars, but there's also no distinct taste...can't really describe it, but i guess the majority of the bar is composed of oats and bananas (not super ripe so the flavor isn't overwhelming!), so if I were to make this again, I might get a little more creative and throw in some coconut chips or something to make it more interesting.

to be honest, i'm typically not much of a soft-granola kind of person, but crispy granola bars require generous amounts of sweeteners and fats to caramelize the bar, so I stray away from those. At the same time, soft power bars from the store, like Cliff bars (granted, i do enjoy them here and there), are also latent with sugar. My personal preference would be my Peanut Butter Date "Quest" Bars, that can get quite messy and sticky, and given that I don't really want a mess while eating breakfast en route to a theme park next week, I think these are a great alternative. 

xoxo, han

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