February 9, 2015

Mon Amour

Mon Amour

Today was an exhausting day at school: an ap calculus test first block, an ap spanish lit test second block, an ap lang synthesis essay third block, and then tabling all throughout lunch. Plus it was my first day back in gym & orchestra. whew. got it all done with.

So here's just a quick little blog post with a set that I made on polyvore a little while ago :)

I've been in love with clean & white design for the longest time (attempted to implement that into my blog design lol) and with that obsession, i've found several new instagram feeds that are super clean like that too!
The first would be @thepetitapartment (my new instagram friend Emily who also has a blog!) and another is @damselindior ; I've gotten a lot of inspiration from instagram, and everything I see there has made me fall in love with France for some reason! I love the delicate, elegant, and simple fashion, which hopefully is represented by this set! I've been looking for a white midi skirt for a while, but it just looks too dangerous (I mean you can stain it soo easily!). On top of that, ever since I saw this one little black crossbody from Vans, I've been looking for a small black chain wallet/mini bag, but I think the good thing about being older and having experimented with fashion for a few years has made me a little wiser in terms of shopping. Rather than going and just buying any old item that remotely has a few characteristics of something that I'm looking for (i.e. buying any old black sweater if i'm hunting for a black cable knit sweater), I wait until I find the perfect item that is reasonably priced. It's no fun waiting, but I think being picky in these situations pays off in the future ;)

xoxo, han

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