February 11, 2015

50 Random Facts about Me

Thank you for 11,000 views !
As a thank you, here are some random facts about me that will help you get to know me a little better ;)

1. I love wearing pajamas.

2. I love making my hair wavy/curly, but I am awful when it comes to using a curling iron. The first time I ever used a curling iron was last year (I was 16), and I usually just braid my damp hair instead.

3. The best vacation that my family has ever gone on was our trip to Cancun when I was 10. Honestly, I'd rather be on a mountain that at the beach, but this was a vacation full of fun in the sun, good friends, good food, dolphins, ancient Mayan architecture, and building forts to protect crabs.

4. During that same vacation, we saw a mother with her young kids (and she was carrying a baby), selling handmade bracelets, and my parents bought one for me and one for my brother. I was extremely upset after seeing how much she had to struggle to support her family, and I've worn that friendship bracelet as an anklet on my left ankle since then; I've never taken it off except for 2-3 times during piano recitals.

5. I loved my family trip to Wyoming, and since then, I've dreamed about living out in the middle of nowhere on a ranch, surrounded by animals and nature.

6. My favorite class this year is AP Spanish Literature :)
7. The first and only time I've ever visited Europe was when I traveled to Germany with my school orchestra two years ago, and I want soo badly to visit every single European country.

8. I want to visit three places that all start with "A": Alaska, Africa, Australia.

9. My brother is my best friend: while I might not be his, he's mine ;)

10. When I was younger, I used to come up with outfits for my brother allll the time.

11. I prefer to have a small group of really close friends for life than a large group of casual friends. (My dream of finding friends like those in "Friends" continues)

12. I'm a bit of a hippie like Phoebe and I love fashion like Rachel, but to be honest, I'm most like Monica. (Yes, I'm totally a type-A perfectionist, but Monica does get Chandler in the end ;) )
13. My favorite drink is hot chocolate

14. I sometimes think about working in a little bakery or a coffee shop.

15. My career goals are: to become a veterinarian, to open my own Etsy store, and to open my own little cafe or bistro full of healthy, gluten-free & vegetarian foods (inspired by my visit to the Green Lotus Cafe & mine will be reasonably priced unlike Whole Foods :P)
16. I prefer TV shows to movies.

17. I rarely go to the movie theaters. In my last 4 years of high school, I think I've only gone twice. Maybe only once.

18. A lot of the sports that I have "played" (you can't really play these sports lol) start with an "S": swimming (7 years), ice skating (7 years), and skiing (love this, but it's not very accessible to me)
19. I think racing skiing down a mountain by myself is the most enjoyable and stress-free activity I've ever done.

20. I am an early bird: I've always been a very light sleeper and I have never been able to really sleep in. Even on the weekends, when I have the opportunity to sleep in, I tend to get up by 8 am the latest.

21. I love riding my bike: I used to pretend that my bike (well, my brother's) is a horse and ride it all around the neighborhood. (okay, I still do that)

22. I want a realllly big family: 2 girls, 2 boys, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Maybe a horse if I can afford to do that and have enough time to care for the horse.

23. People think that I'm a delicate person who's afraid of getting dirty, but they're often surprised by how willing I am to do physical grunt work.

24. I love twinkle lights and stars.

25. The first time I saw a shooting star was when I was on a cruise with my family. We were star gazing, and during those 25 minutes, I saw about 7 shooting stars.

26. I have a lot of key chains and pins. I didn't purposefully collect them, but they just accumulated, and now I have a decent sized collection of each.

27. I don't like flying on airplanes :[

28. Even though I was an ice skater, I get dizzy very easily and I can't spin or go on rides (teacups) that spin.

29. I have trust issues: I try to delegate work to other people, but I've always been let down, which is why I prefer to be independent and just do everything myself.

30. The foods that I can't live without are: avocados (eat 1/2 a day), granola, peanut butter (eat...a lot a day), bananas (2 a day), apples (2 a day), kabocha squash (japanese pumpkin).

31. My favorite flavors are coconut, coffee, hazelnut, and vanilla.
32. I go to Starbucks about once a year, so I get very nervous when I order anything from there. (Venti? Grande? What's the difference?)

33. I have a RBF (you can look that up), and people always tell me to smile or ask me what's wrong when I'm perfectly content on the inside ;P

34. My favorite colors to wear are white, maroon, light washed denim blue, and olive green. (those colors run my entire closet)

35. I have a very very very good memory, and I remember everything. Even those things that don't seem important, but because I remember everything, I also unfortunately take everything personally. The plus side is that I remember a whole lot from when I was as young as 2 years old.

36. I love creative writing, and I sometimes do consider becoming a journalist. (read something I wrote for my Lang class here)

37. I like flipping between CNN and Food Network on Saturday mornings.

38. The one celebrity that I want to meet is Alton Brown
39. My favorite sushi roll is the Alaska roll: Salmon (smoked or sashimi) &  Avocado (a close second would be peanut avocado!)

40. I rarely eat chips, but blue corn or sweet potato tortilla chips and terra chips are rare treats ;)

41. I'm not really a fan of anything fruit-y flavored, like sorbets/sherberts or fruit flavored gum.

42. I used to be an avid gum chewer (my favorite was Double Mint), but ever since I got braces when I was 12, I haven't had the desire to chew gum.

43. Whenever I eat an orange or drink orange juice after not eating/drinking it for a while, I tend to get sick.

44. My favorite writer is Ralph Waldo Emerson.

45. I dream about hosting lots of dinner parties when I get my own place ;) (this started several years ago upon my discovery of Beth LeManach's youtube channel!) I just love to cook for other people and try new recipes.

46. I tend to inhale my food, and I constantly have to consciously force myself to take my time.

47. My favorite forms of social media are: Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. (not a fan of Facebook even though I recently made one or Twitter)

48. I really wish my laptop wasn't so heavy.

49. I have high expectations for everything, which is unfortunate, because life can never live up to expectations. Some of my best moments occurred when I didn't have very high expectations, and I've been working on just living and not expecting so much.

50. I don't consider myself to be very funny, but my sense of humor tends to be pretty sarcastic, so I admire people who are able to be so witty and clever in their jokes.

xoxo, han

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