January 14, 2015

Restaurant Review: Tortuga Mexican Village

i had a little bit of oatmeal and some green juice for breakfast
i then had a lotta chips and some huevos nopalitos with rice & beans for lunch
right now, i'm having some of my wild rice salad with kale for dinner
lots of carbs today
it feels good ;)

**btw, does the photo above remind you of central perk?! just a little bit??

Prices: about $10 to 20 per person
Location: Princeton, NJ
Portions: Very large.
Ambiance: It seems small on the outside but is a bit bigger once you enter it. The walls have a red-blue theme and there are lots of paintings on sale and turtles decorating the walls. The wall decor is generally pretty quirky and it's awesome. There's an "upstairs area" (basically a loft area) and the first floor area; there are several windows that allow for natural lighting.
Service: We had a very large group (54 people), so we took up the entire upstairs area. We sat down and probably had 20 minutes before the waitresses started taking the first table's orders (we took up five tables). After waiting nearly an hour, they finally got to my table, table five :(. Unfortunately, by the time our order was taken, the second table had already finished their food :P. But keep in mind that we were a huge party, and I noticed that several other customers who came in afterwards were attended to and had their food well before my order was taken. When my order was finally taken, I probably only waited a maximum of 7 minutes for my food to arrive; the food came very quickly. The waitresses were probably very busy so I'm assuming that's why they weren't super friendly or anything (with the exception of one). I do think it was nice that they brought an extra bowl of chips to our table while we waited for our order to be taken.
  1. They had house-made corn tortilla chips and pico de gallo on the table as an appetizer; I'm not sure if this is provided for both regular customers and large parties, but additional bowls of chips cost an extra $3-4 after the first. 
    1. the chips were not very flavorful, but they were super crispy, large, and they held my "hangry" phase in check ;)
    2. the pico de gallo was pretty spicy (then again, home girl is a wimp and can't handle anything spicy) but it was super fresh and I could've eaten it by the spoonful if my lips didn't feel so numb from the spice ;)
  2. Most of the plates (to my knowledge) come with beans (black or pinto) and rice which were delicious and flavorful
  3. The guacamole was pretty good; there wasn't a ton of tang (i don't think they added lime juice) but it tasted like Chipotle's/Qdoba's, so it was your standard guacamole
  4. EVERYONE loved their food --- and it all looked amazing too! The desserts (didn't have any) looked beautiful. The menu is varied and there are non-dairy, pescetarian, vegetarian options (technically no "gluten-free" but the corn tortillas have no gluten; if you have celiac's, then talk to the waitresses first!) 
Verdict: I would, without a doubt, come back. I think that this visit was a little different from most people's because of the size of our group, but the food was so so so good and there are a lot of options for everyone (not really the ideal place for vegans though). The prices are amazing, especially because the portions are very large! (You'll be able to make two meals out of one order)

Chips and Pico de Gallo

Huevos con Nopalitos (no sour cream)

Eggs, cactus (tasted a little tangy and were similar to green bell peppers but were not bitter AT ALL --- my brother hates bell peppers but really liked these--- love this), little bit of hot sauce on top, lettuce, guacamole, tomato, rice, pinto beans

i love love love this dish! a lot of the dishes are made with flour tortillas and cheese, so i went for the eggs instead, and i am so happy i did ;) i really liked this and hey, now i can tell everyone that i've tried cactus and it tastes great! next time, i really want to try some of their seafood because it looked good too!

this photo was taken using my nikon d60 but the above was taken using my iphone 5s with the chrome filter :P

 Corn tortillas

my huevos con nopalitos came with a side of 3 corn tortillas, and these corn tortillas were super soft, warm, and pliable.
they're much better than the store bought kind i got before, but i think it's just the way i heated them up xD
these were great and they definitely made my lunch even larger 

above: my friend's chimichanga (seafood i think?) and my order

these chips were HUUUUGE

sooo excited to finally have gotten my food

yup. impressive. i know ;)
took the rest to share with my fam (only a little because i need to entice them to come back here!)

my friend's dessert: (can't remember the name xP) sweet fried tortilla, ice cream, powdered sugar & cinnamon, honey

see more photos here

mommy, if you're reading this, we have to come back here ;)

xoxo, han

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