January 2, 2015

Pusheen Pouch and Korilakuma Laptop Case

right now, i'm watching Friends (my favorite episode: "The One After Ross Says Rachel"), drinking dairy-free hot chocolate, and eating freshly baked pear-blueberry scones (vegan & gluten-free, recipe to come soon!) .
 soo yummy. 

can life just be like this everyday?

the only thing that would make this day even better is if i had a project to do, just like this project.
i loooooove pusheen, the little cat that you might see on facebook messenger? 
so cute.

here's how I made my pusheen pouches (can be used to store anything, from chargers to hair ties to lotions, depending on how big you make the pouch):

1. draw out a pusheen silhouette on a scrap piece of paper (as large as you want, and i just freehanded mine).

2. Cut out 2 "pusheen silhouettes" using any fabric you have available.

3. Cut out 2 eyes, 6 black strips, and 2 cheeks.

4. Sew them on and sew on a mouth.

5. Turn both pusheen silhouettes to face each other and sew the two pieces together (inside-out!). Sew all around the sides and head, but don't sew the bottom.

6. You can sew on a black strip like I did with velcro ("Sushi Pusheen"), sew on buttons, or sew on a zipper.

i made a grey one too (the original pusheen is grey)

on the bottom, i sewed on two pieces of velcro (but I discovered that it's kind of inconvenient to since i sewed the hard velcro part to face inwards which makes it stick to the felt pusheen quite often. if you do it this way, sew the softer, felt velcro to face the inside of the pouch instead!

for my korilakuma case, I simply took leftover fleece and sewed on the face, ears, and sewed the back and front pieces together (inside out).

on the inside, i added a little pouch to put my phone and a larger pouch to put papers/chargers/etc

happy diy-ing :)

xoxo, hannah

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