January 24, 2015

Pajeon (fail) :: Lessons to Learn

served with my curried pumpkin soup

doesn't look too bad in the photo above, but you'll see the mess-ups in the photos below ;)

pajeon is a Korean scallion pancake that we ate every now and then when I was younger; we often ate the seafood version, and it was my favorite. i think the last time i ate it was in California, in Bakersfield? Something like that.

Anyways, I found out that pajeon can be made solely with rice flour and water, so I decided to try that out.....

....it didn't work out so well.

So I made another batch using a rice flour-cornstarch blend and an egg......

.....it was better....but not great. 

                                with only rice flour  & no egg (vegan)                                      with rice flour-cornstarch blend & egg

I think my technique was also at fault here; I didn't have that many scallions, so I added peas, kale, and a few scallions to the batter, however, I've seen through videos on YouTube that the fillings are stir-fried first, and then the batter is poured over everything. The batter to filling ratio is relatively low, so I think it might also taste better next time if I made the pancake thinner.

Anyways, here are the recipes I used as guides; I never usually follow recipes verbatim; I compare a bunch and then make things my way:

xoxo, han

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