January 8, 2015

My Favorite Workout Videos

Since winter break started, I've been working out everyday, something that I haven't done since school started,
 and it feels GREAT. 

I don't anticipate being able to work out every day as the school year continues (maybe I will, but who knows?) since I'm going to get busier (right now, since I'm out of gym class and orchestra class, I technically have 3 study halls to get work done),
but I will definitely continue to keep up this routine as often as possible, because I just feel so good afterwards (and it feels weird not to exercise and be able to tire myself out to the point that I have no energy to get hung up on the little things).

Since I was five, I've dabbled in a variety of sports: i started off with ballet/tap and gymnastics for 2 years, swimming for 7 years, ice skating for 7 years, tennis for 1/2 a year (yeah, not my forte), basketball for 3 months, track for 3 months, yoga for 1/2 a year (i do it on my own now but i went to a yoga studio for that long), and we've skied every winter for the last 6 years. Some things I've committed more time to than others, but I've always done strength training and cardio on my own. 

For the last two years, I used a stationary bike for about 30 minutes everyday, and i loved using it because i was entertained (watched tv) at the same time. When the stationary bike broke, i was devastated. i did other things to exercise, but i never felt like i was getting as much out of my workouts as i did before with the bike. over the summer, i began biking 6-7 miles every morning, which was super fun for me and challenging at times (uphill biking in the summer heat isn't the easiest), but i wasn't about to do that during the school year with all those buses adding to the traffic and the cold. 

now, i've compiled an awesome playlist of workout videos that are fun yet challenging.
i've been keeping up with this same routine of videos (i'll go through 3-5 videos each day, usually about 4 though) for the past 2 months, and I LOVE IT :) These include both cardio and strength training and ab work, so you get the best of everything! Some exercise moves include plyometric exercises, which are hard but they increase your strength, flexibility, and speed all at once (efficient much?). 

these videos do not get boring for me, and they're still hard (especially the 2nd and 3rd video!), so if you're looking for 
a way to exercise indoors (i play the videos on my laptop on mute while watching Friends --- win:win situation), try this playlist out!
start with 1-2 videos, and build your way up --- and don't forget to stretch!






remember: workout for your health; it's not about trying to please someone else. make yourself 
feel good by exercising because looks are only a side product! see results by pairing your exercise with 
eating whole foods and just enjoy :) 

xoxo, han

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