January 1, 2015

Mom's Japchae, Sai Mai Lo & Coconut Mango Sticky Rice

Gooooood morning and Happy New Year!
With this week off from school, I've been able to enjoy the rare privilege of being served really yummy asian dishes
courtesy of my mom (who is not often found in the kitchen). 
This past week, she's made sai mai lo, Thai mango coconut sticky rice, and japchae!
My favorites. 
They can all be made vegan as well!


Sai Mai Lo: Coconut milk, taro, saigo (tapioca)

Coconut Mango Sticky Rice:

now the above photos were taken using the iPhone 5s (no flash). the following were taken using a Nikon D60:

no flash:

with flash; 

isn't that crazy?!

(If you want recipes, just click on the linked words above!)

thaaaaannnkkkk youuuuuu mooooooooommmmm
xoxo, hannah

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