January 3, 2015

DIY Fox Face and Wildfox Couture Heart Graphic Sweaters

just counting the hours until winter break is over ;(
that means no more DIYs for a while, but it means that i'll be able to wear my DIYs and get people's feedback.
that etsy store will happen one day ;)

this merona dress from target was about $8 a few years ago, and I altered the shoulder/neck area to fit better, but i just never really wore it all that often. instead of going to the store to buy fabric to make a fox sweater (inspired by wrapping paper that one of my gifts was wrapped in this christmas), i just used the fabric from the dress!

the top half was used as scrap fabric while the bottom half is a perfectly good skirt that fits really well! 
yay: 2 revamped (practically new since i rarely wore them before) sweaters and a new skirt.

i drew stencils on a scrap piece of paper, and cut out 2 large ears, 2 mini ears, 1 oval for the face, 2 eyes, 1 nose, and the mouth/nose area.
all the materials were just scrap fabrics!

i sewed the pieces together first, and then after the fox face was all stitched together, i sewed it onto the sweater!

and with the excess maroon fabric, i cut out a giant heart and sewed it on this loose white sweater!
it was inspired by the wildfox couture sweater that taylor swift wore and it's just as comfy and looks the same but costed much less. 

xoxo, hannah

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