January 29, 2015

Apprehension | Food Bandits Buckwheat Raisen Bread Review

this was the sunrise that made hauling myself out of my warm and cozy bed and into the frozen apocalypse outside.

I'm still recovering from that cold, and fortunately, school has been rather quiet. Maybe it's because of the abnormal week we've been having or maybe it's the fact that I did most of the homework due next week on Monday...the extra time has allowed me to redesign this blog (not as easy as I thought it would be :P) and freak out about college. Tonight In 2 hrs 45 minutes, rather, I'll be handed either a alternate route for my future, or I'll be asked to wait a few more months. 

waiting. not a fan of that.

speaking of waiting, the other day, when we had the snow day, I attempted to try out Food Bandits' recipe for Buckwheat Raisen Bread. Despite the name, buckwheat doesn't actually contain wheat, so it's gluten-free. 
The process was relatively simple, except I had to convert the measurements from grams to cups, which I knew was risky, considering that baking is a very precise process and weighing ingredients is very important. In addition, I had subbed a mix of flax seed powder/chia seeds for the psyllium husk powder, and substitutions can always be a little risky. 

I felt a little apprehensive when the timer rang; the crust sounded hollow when tapped, but I double checked that the center was fully cooked by inserting a thermometer in the center. It seemed to be fully cooked, so I took it out.

I was extremely excited when I saw that the crust looked so artisanal and beautiful, but when I cut into it (keep in mind, I did wait --ugh that word --- for 20-30 minutes), I found that the center was still gummy and not fully cooked :P

So I tried an end piece that was pretty much cooked and it tasted pretty good, but it was very hard. I took another risk and tried baking it for another 10 minutes or so, and it wasn't much better. I finally resorted to cutting the bread into long biscotti like pieces and baked it for another 10 minutes. It was definitely very hard like a biscotti, but softened a bit once it was dunked in some hot almond milk. Unfortunately it still wasn't that tasty, so I took the remaining and just cut them into cubes. I think I'll try to turn them into croutons over the weekend, but I think it's a lost cause :P

While the recipe seemed relatively straightforward, I guess I'm still not used to baking gluten-free items (honestly, the only gluten-free item that I really bake regularly is my banana bread).

xoxo, han

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