December 29, 2014

Mountain Adventures

My family and I just got back from a two day trip to Blue Mountain and I thought it'd be nice to share the nice iPhone photos: 

1 hr 40 min car ride with Puff ;)

 this photo was posted on my instagram and guess who liked it??

 that's right. blue mountain's instagram account ;) 

Saturday was incredibly warm and there was much more grass than snow. I think out of the 39 trails, maybe 13 (max) were open? and keep in mind that the trails don't all go from top to bottom; many are small trails or connecting trails.

there are definitely pros & cons to warmer weather: 

pros: empty mountain so there's no line at the ski lift, you don't have to worry about crashing into someone or being crashed into, you have more skiing time, ice turns into mush in the afternoon (easier to ski on than ice)

cons: you can get bored pretty easily because you don't have a lot of options in terms of trails to ski on, you end up skiing down the mountain faster than it takes to get up which heightens the whole issue of boredom (it took me less than 5 minutes to ski over a mile...there really was no one on the trials), the trails are super super icy in the morning (hence my possibly or not so possibly fractured thumb)

(above) this is my favorite trail: "The Falls"
it's a double black and it definitely seems super intimidating standing at the very top looking down, but OH MAN it's fun.
you inevitably go super fast due to the steepness and there's just such a thrill that comes with going down something so steep & scary so fast. i would get to this trial from "Tuts Lane" and "The Lazy Mile" and i basically did that combination several times because it was the most exciting.

see those moguls up there on the upper right? ugh. i wish i could learn to ski them and we intended on taking private lessons the next day, but we ended up going to the mall instead with the bad weather. our friends who did go skiing the next day said it wasn't very fun so no regrets, but next time, i really want to master the scary moguls. 

(above is a black diamond called "Barney's Bumps". my least favorite because everywhere around the moguls was incredibly icy---that's where i fell down twice and hurt my thumb)

           (left) taken on my favorite app: "Pocketbooth"          (right) OOTD the next day: 
                                                                                           sweater: GAP (Christmas gift from my cousins! and I am in love with it)
                                                                                          jeans: F21 (i got this pair for about $10 nearly three-four years ago)
                                                                                   socks: American Eagle (Christmas gift from my cousins from 2 years ago)
                                                                                             hat: F21

we had dinner at Bravo! 

we ate at Lehigh Valley Mall (where Bravo! was located) and we shopped here the next day

it's a very very large mall with high end outlet stores (Coach, Vera Bradley, Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, J.Crew....) on the perimeter (plus an Apple store for the guys) and a large mall with tons of stores (American Eagle, F21, Macy's, JCPenney's, Abercrombie, Charlotte Russe....) with a lot of winter sales (delia's is also closing so the store was pretty much at least 50% off of the lowest marks!).

We stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott and my dad LOVED the place ;) 
he kept saying "this is the best place that we've stayed at" because of how large the rooms were (which makes sense for the "residence inn"). Our room had two baths, two beds, one living room area, and a fully equipped kitchen. each bedroom had a desk and a TV and the living room had a TV as well.  

i didn't sleep very well because the bed was too hard, the pillows were too tall, and the comforter was really thin, but my dad loved the bed ;)

my brother chose to sleep on the couch (which doubles as a pull-out bed!)

breakfast at Marriott hotels tend to be the same, so I like knowing what to expect.
I talked in Spanish to the ladies who worked there which made them really happy which made me really happy ;)
I simply asked her if there's milk in the oatmeal (nope! only water) and I thanked her for breakfast afterwards,
definitely the highlight of my day.

oatmeal with a banana, peanut butter (sadly not all natural but SO GOOD), and cinnamon

i attempted to take a bite out of the veggie patty and it was nasty :{
the potatoes were good though! my mom even found soymilk in little disposable drink cartons (kinda like this) which is something new that I had never really seen at hotels before!

thanks mom & dad for a really fun trip :)

xoxo, hannah

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