December 1, 2014

DIY Rice Hand Warmers

(opt) extracts such as almond, vanilla, lavender
(opt) funnel
thread & needle
(opt) buttons

1. Cut & sew pockets for your hand warmers (inside out for neater stitches), and remember to leave space open to fill the bags.
2. Fill the cup with rice (if you want to add extracts, mix it into the rice with a spoon)
3. Flip the bags back (so that they're not inside-out), and then fill the bags with the rice (a funnel helps but it's not necessary)
4. Try your best to neatly sew the opening back up.

1. Place the hand warmer in the microwave for 30 seconds 
(the buttons should be fine for this short period; if the hand warmer is larger in size, you might need about 1 minute)

Ideas for the rice warmers: poptarts, mochi, animals, sports (soccer ball, basketball, baseball), hearts

xoxo, hannah

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