December 23, 2014

DIY Marshmallow Shooter

whoa. so cool, right?
made this for my cousin and i made one for my brother; i'm so excited to see the look on his face on Christmas morning ;)

you should have seen me when i walked into home depot, looking for these materials!
first of all, pvc pipes are found in the plumbing aisle. i had to get 3 different people to help me lol
second of all, make sure these pieces all fit onto the pipe before you head to the checkout aisle: some of the elbow connectors might not fit and there's something called cpvc (it has a yellow tint) that does not fit into the pvc pipe pieces. 
so complicated, right?
nah, not really. just make sure the pieces fit ;)

and as for the price, these pieces are SUPER inexpensive. two pipes costs about...$3-4 max? and then the pieces each cost roughly $0.40 each, so altogether, for one marshmallow shooter it ends up being around $6.

and then piecing everything together is a total breeze ---it's like putting lego pieces together!
toss in a bag of marshmallows (the walmart brand is less than $1) and you got yourself an AWESOME gift for less than $10!

For 1 marshmallow shooter, you'll need:

Two  1/2-inch  PVC pipes 
Two 1/2-inch elbow connectors
Two 1/2-inch T-connectors
Two 1/2-inch end caps

1 bag of mini marshmallows

(opt) sandpaper


1. Wash all of the pieces (there might be dust from the hardware store) and dry them with a towel.
2. Cut the PVC pipes with a saw (had my dad help me with this): one 13" piece and five 5" pieces (i didn't have enough so i just used a 12" and five 4" pieces!). Sand down the pipe edges if needed.
3. Package all of the pieces in a box with the marshmallows and the instructions!

xoxo, hannah

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