December 22, 2014

DIY Holiday Cards & Gift Idea for Teachers

i've been giving my teachers food gifts since i was 13; i think that homemade food is so much more personal and it's fun to make, too!
in this little gift bag, i have a personalized mug (sharpie mug tutorial is below), mini loaf of banana bread, m&m cookies, 3 salted chocolate truffles, and a hand-made card :)

honestly, it's not hard to make these, and you can make a ton at once, so you'll have more than enough for several teachers!

for the sharpie mug:

now, for the banana bread:

banana bread label

the cookies ;) (the unhealthy part of the gift)

m&m cookie recipe: i used this recipe as a base and just mixed in holiday colored m&m's
cookie label

the healthiest kind of truffles your teacher will receive: 

salted chocolate coconut truffle recipe
truffle label 

and now here are a few ideas for handmade cards ;) :

(i found inspiration from pinterest and i just threw some scrap pieces of paper & bits and pieces together!)

that's it!

xoxo, hannah

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