November 17, 2014

Restaurant Review: Citrus Bar and Grill

My family originally planned on going to Cesca, an Italian restaurant, before going to see Alton Brown Live, but there was a 2 hr wait for a table, so we went to Citrus Bar and Grill instead, which was right across the intersection!

Prices: about $20-30 per person ($$)
Location: NYC (The block next to the Beacon Theater; right near Broadway)
Portions: Small-medium
Ambiance: cozy and dimly lit (orangey lights), loud, tables are tightly packed, there's a bar on the right side, sushi bar is on the "second" level
Service: We were seated immediately and the waiters attended to us quickly. The food came quickly and someone did come by to refill our water towards the end of the meal. They were attentive and they did everything that was expected; it was just a very "business-ey" kind of service. The waiters didn't really smile but they were polite and asked if the food was alright, but then again, there really isn't much to complain about ;)
  1. The dinner menu was creative and unique; you don't often eat Asian food with a Latin influence
  2. I loved that they didn't give out butter & rolls after ordering; instead, they gave an assortment of tortilla chips (white corn, blue corn, a red one, and an orange one) with a light tomato sauce 
  3. According to my dad, the scallops were very salty and the rice wasn't completely cooked :/
  4. My mom's "Ultimate Roll Combination" came with an assortment of 3 different sauces which is nice
  5. My salad had sweet potatoes; they were definitely only parboiled and chilled so they were pretty firm and had a bite to it. I think I was hoping for more of a roasted sweet potato route but the chilled, half-raw potato did bring brightness to the dish
  6. My zen roll came with tamari sauce instead of soy sauce (gluten-free)!
Verdict: I think I would come back; I like that there are a lot of vegan/vegetarian options, gluten-free options, pescatarian options, as well as regular meat options. There's something for everybody and even though it is somewhat of a "higher class" place, the prices aren't overly ridiculous unlike some other NYC restaurants. The location is great; it's right near a parking garage (expensive) and right near Broadway/The Beacon Theater.

Appetizer: assorted tortilla chips & a light tomato dipping sauce

My Citrus Chopped Salad: chayote (really interesting, raw squash like taste with the texture of watermelon), sweet potatoes, red wine vinaigrette, avocado, romaine (apparently there should be jicama but I didn't taste any), really good pumpkin seeds, and manchego cheese (should have asked for them to omit that but I brushed it off)

The salad was kinda skimpy on a lot of the things; i expected less lettuce and more of the other things but I guess I'm just used to my salads? There were very few avocados and the sweet potatoes and chayote were hidden but there were more of those.

My Zen Roll: I completely forgot what was in it, and I tasted it and the top part tasted almost like octopus (same texture too), but then I remembered that the roll included PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS!!! It was soo good. I just wished that they didn't use such unripe mangos :/ i confused the mangos for cucumbers because they were pretty hard but the tanginess cut through the sweet tamari and the rich brown rice really well. (I didn't make a specific request for brown rice but it came with it anyways and that made me very happy)

Dad's Pan Seared Jumbo Diver Sea Scallops:   "wild shrimp, bok choy & edamame, “unfried” brown rice"

My dad wished that the scallops weren't so salty and that the brown rice was more tender. I think it would have been nice to see more bok choy there but he said that despite the small size of the dish, it was very filling. I tried a bit of his rice and I agree with him, there was a lot of pepper. Not exactly the best dish but the concept is creative.

My mom's Ultimate Roll Combination: "one yellowtail with mango & avocado, one spicy tuna with banana & one salmon with cucumber & tempura flakes wrapped in soy infused seaweed, served with a trio of Latin inspired dipping sauces"

She could barely finish this, and my dad definitely had to help her eat a few pieces of sushi. She liked it though :)

xoxo, hannah

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