November 11, 2014

Peanut and Pumpkin Butter Pretzels

oh my gosh. 
i know i don't eat processed snacks too often, but oh my gosh.
this combination is incredible:
the saltiness and texture from the pretzel + creamy, richness from the peanut butter + the cold and sweet pumpkin butter.
and i might have to resort to eating this if i get too stressed out this week, because I demolished my coconut pumpkin butter power bites that i made on sunday....whoops ;)

Recipe: Peanut and Pumpkin Butter Pretzels
By: Hannah Claudia

handful of gluten free pretzels (used Snyder's since it was the cheapest)
peanut butter


1. Sandwich the peanut butter and pumpkin butter using the pretzels, or just dip ;)

xoxo, hannah

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