November 2, 2014

Loving Lately (Oct. 2014)

Let's talk about the things I loved about October, cause October was a busy month:

1. Watching and photographing my brother's soccer games: it's so much fun; I love watching soccer live and I love taking photos. It's the best of both worlds. Plus, I think it's important to show some support to my little bruddah.
2. Being a little glutinous: in the summer, everything I ate was pretty much all plant based and low-carb. It's freezing outside now, and I take that as an "okay" from mother nature to eat comforting foods, like peanut butter cookies from the farmer's market (i had one, okay?), granola, rice with my tofu curry,'s a fun time.
3. Pumpkin pie: my raw pumpkin pie. that's all i need to say. 
4. Soup: something just turns on in your brain when the leaves start to fall and you pull out your sweaters, telling you to drink lots of soup.
5. Homecoming week: I've officially never been to a high school homecoming, but I always love the excitement of homecoming week. I'm really gonna miss that.
6. Driving: let's be honest, this girl finds joy in being self-sufficient, and driving lets me be that.

xoxo, hannah

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