October 4, 2014

the pleasure of having no purpose

have you ever done something or gone into a situation without really having much purpose?
sure, goals are necessary to keep us productive and moving forward, but i think efficiency and productivity
can be binding. they chain us to something i like to call "workaholic-ism" (it's a medical term, trust me).

yesterday, after making a batch of granola with my mom and attempting to do a biology lab write up,
i stepped outside and began shooting hoops. it's been at least 2 years since i've made the effort to go outside and do that,
and the greatest sense of deja vu was upon me. 

everything, from the set up of the shots to the streaks of dirt and mud on my fingers were the same.
roll the ball, stop its motion with the fingertips of the right hand while simultaneously bending my elbow 
to prepare for the shot. step, inhale, push, flick, follow through. exhale. swish. (or sometimes a thud when i don't make the shot).

that went on for an hour. an hour of this repetitious pattern. an hour of listening to the cicadas and crickets in the midst of the occasional zoom of the cars driving by. an hour of the cool evening breeze. an hour of the sun making its way from the top of the tree to behind my neighbor's house. an hour of peace. an hour of fun.

if there's something that i've learned this past month is to do things with the purpose of just having fun.
why do productivity and efficiency have to rule our lives?
last year, i was in a constant cycle of go-go-go. even my daily exercise regime of biking on the stationary bike was
guided with too much purpose. yes, exercise is good for your body and it's necessary for everyone.
i'd continue that exercise regime daily if i had the time, but i'm somewhat glad that i don't have as much time this year because
i'm able to realize the importance of just not worrying and having fun. 
that bike routine was fun but sometimes the fun was masked by the requirement of burning a specific amount of calories in a specific
time period. now where's the fun in that?

it's a conscious effort to try to not be productive sometimes. 
i guess in some way everything has a purpose and is productive on some level, 
but being able to discover the purpose can be half the fun...the fun that you have to discover is 
ten times better than the fun that you expect to find because reality often disappoints us because
our expectations are too high. 

so go out and discover some fun. 
you never know what you might find.

today, i think my fun will be going to costco for the first time. 
i know, but i'm going to make it fun.

xoxo, hannah

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