October 9, 2014

Restaurant Review: Sushi Palace (Kingston, NJ)

 Have I mentioned how much I like sushi?

About two months ago, when my family was in Woburn, we went to Maki Maki (review here), a sushi "buffet" place (not a traditional buffet), and in my vlog, I alluded to Sushi Palace, a place that's somewhat closer to my house that's similar to Maki Maki.

My parents and I went there on Saturday for a late lunch, and here's what I think about the place:

Prices: about $21-23 per person for the sushi buffet; about $10 per person for lunch from the regular menu
Location: Kingston, NJ
Portions: Larger than Maki Maki's portions; I think the portions are pretty fair for the price.
Granted, the soup and salad that comes with the lunch specials are small but I didn't expect much from that.
Ambiance: The restaurant is split into 2 parts; the first part when you walk right in reminds me of a small, NYC sushi place because it's pretty cozy and dim but the other side is much brighter from the natural light and is suited for larger parties. It can become a pretty loud place if the place is packed, but it didn't bug me too much.
Service: The waitresses were quick and attentive; some were more friendly than others but they came to refill the water without having to ask. We were seated quickly but typically it's best if you make a reservation, especially on weekend nights. The food comes at a reasonable time too! 
  1. The fish is really fresh 
  2. They have a wide variety; whether you get something from the regular menu or the sushi buffet menu
  3. The service is very quick so you get your food fast
  4. The sushi is quite generous in size; you actually get quite a bit of the filling (esp avocados in my case :) )
  5. THE PEANUT AVOCADO SUSHI: so good. really. so good. they use honey-roasted peanuts and they actually chop the peanuts into finer pieces so there's still texture but it's also creamy in a way. much better than Maki Maki's.
  6. The dessert menu comes with the price of the sushi buffet. (unlike Maki Maki's)
  7. I really like the miso soup broth but they're really stingy with the extra ingredients (like tofu), but maybe if you order miso soup (unlike mine which came as a side), you'll get more stuff?
Verdict: I really like this place; getting the sushi buffet is fun but you end up stuffing yourself and not enjoying the actual sushi, so there's no harm in getting something off of the regular menu too ;)

Mom's Sushi & Sashimi Lunch Special

My 2 roll (salmon & avocado; peanut & avocado) lunch special

Dad's red snapper Teriyaki

isn't the quality on the new iPhone incredible?!
thank you so much to my buddy for letting me sneakily take selfies on her new iphone and then sending them to me ;)

kk gotta run and catch the bus

xoxo, Hannah

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