October 16, 2014

Restaurant Review: Ferrara Bakery & Cafe (NYC)

Okay, to be honest, I can't give Ferrara's a fair "review" because I barely ate anything from there.
So we're gonna review every other aspect of a restaurant.

Ambiance: It's so beautiful. It reminds me so much of the 1920s with all of the lights and the red carpet that you see upon entry!
They really decorated the outside too for Halloween but the lights are there all year round. The bakery portion is gorgeous too; so well lit and everything on display looks beautiful. It's a real treat for the eye.
Service: I was happy to find that the customer service was pretty good for such a busy place. We had just gone to Cafe Roma which was pretty busy too, but the people weren't that friendly. Here, the people seemed pretty nice and not at all grumpy!
Food: I bought a small cup ($5) of gelato for my brother; he chose hazelnut and cappuccino and I tried a small bite (lactose intolerant) and omg it was worth it. Everything they had on display looked really good.
Price: It's on the pricier side of most bakeries ($$ level), but it is a tourist attraction and it is NYC so it's to be expected that the prices are gonna be higher. 
Location: It's actually not located in the heart of Little Italy; it's closer towards Chinatown and it's actually located on the same street as a banh mi restaurant and a Mongolian restaurant (I think it was Mongolian). 

xoxo, hannah

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