October 17, 2014

not halloween scary...but scary

i love fall.
don't you love these photos?! 
i took these last Saturday at a nearby farm ;)

is this phone background worthy? ;)

i got my license two days ago.
that evening, i drove myself to my orchestra rehearsal, in the pouring rain.
and then the reality of driving alone hit me.
driving felt okay, but i felt like i was 10x more unsure of myself because i had to be the one
responsible enough to make sure everything was okay: headlights on, windshield wipers on, diving a a little slower.

and when i parked the car and was heading inside the building, i had to make sure all the lights in the car were turned off
and that the door was properly locked while carrying an instrument, umbrella, a backpack, and a textbook.

so throughout rehearsal, i was very paranoid and scared that i forgot to do something and that the battery died.

well, it didn't, but every time i leave the car now, i doubt myself.
which is good in a way because that sets me apart from all the FREAKING RECKLESS drivers at my school (i was so worried that the line of cars behind me, aka my classmates, were gonna hit me because they were driving so fast when we were coming back to school from lunch), but i need to learn to trust myself.

xoxo, hannah

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