September 17, 2014

Wegman's Vietnamese Summer Rolls : I love Wegman's

The other day, my mom bought summer rolls and seaweed salad from Wegman's for me.
This got me thinking...

why do I love Wegman's so much?
Well, to me, you can get a lot of high quality produce and products from Wegman's, including a large variety of organic produce, for prices that are cheaper than that of Whole Food's/Mrs. Green's, yet Wegman's is not as trendy as Trader Joe's (I feel like it's geared more towards families). 

Granted, Wegman's is not cheap, but it's almost like the best of both worlds: they have your conventional supermarket foods like Chips Ahoy!, but they also have lots and lots of aisles dedicated solely to healthy foods/special diets. Also, they have an amazing international foods section, and I know this because I had the privilege of exploring Wegman's for a good hour when my mom dropped me off to get groceries while she was next door at my brother's eye exam. 

Now with an amazing place, there's always going to be cons. The ones that stick out to me the most would be that Wegman's gets VERY crowded, especially on the weekends (like Trader Joe's), their customers aren't very friendly/polite (maybe that's just where I live), and their prepared foods can be pricey. Including this seaweed salad and summer roll. 

This summer roll (only 1 per box but cut in half) costed roughly $6. It's vegetarian, so there's not shrimp or meat inside. Vegetables are not that expensive. And that rice wrapper probably costs less than $0.50. So they jacked up the price because it's become a more popular food and not that many people make it at home (check out my recipes though ;) ). And their seaweed salad was $4 for a very small box, not even the regular container size from restaurants! Why Wegman's, why ? :(

(btw, the sweet chili sauce that came with the vietnamese summer rolls was SPICY. well for me it was)

(OH, and don't eat the summer roll the day after buying it. Eat it fresh, because the rice paper wrapper hardens and it gets all weird.)

But regardless of those petty little cons, I still really like Wegman's. I really do. 
I used to LOVE their muffins (seriously those are amazing but have an insane amount of calories/sugar) when I ate them, my family used to always buy their subs (their bread was the best)/hot foods for lunch, I loved watching the train go around the supermarket (they don't do that anymore...). Now, we go there mainly just for groceries. But it's still great. 

Do anyone of you have a supermarket that you could just live at?

BTW this is not a sponsored post. But I wish it was.

xoxo, Hannah

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