September 10, 2014

Weekend Adventure - My List of Necessities for A Busy Weekend Around Town

It's Tuesday...but I'm already thinking about the weekend :/ 

I got this troll crossbody bag in Provincetown, and I just love how much character and color it has! 
It's definitely eclectic and NOT something you can get at Forever 21, which is something I think is very important when looking for accessories or just unique pieces in general :)

Watch my vlog where I bought the bag & watch my haul :) :

1. Forever 21 Loose Striped Long Sleeve : You need a nice staple piece that is comfortable for whatever activities you'll be doing, and the stripes are a nice contrast to the busy and colorful bag
2. Wood Framed Sunglasses (by Pete's Coffee & Tea, but I got it for free from Cornell University!): these babies fit me PERFECTLY and they don't slide off every 20 seconds (meaning that I don't have to constantly adjust them)
3. My iPod Touch : This never leaves my side. period.
4. Mad Gab's Citrus Balm: I got this from Yellowstone, and this is made of all natural ingredients and can be used for chapped elbows-knees-cuticles-lips. It's an all-natural-all-purpose balm that is super handy.
5. DKNY Watch: Keep track of time :)
6. My Troll Bag: the name is weird. "troll bag" ? but what else do I call it?! any suggestions for names are welcomed ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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