September 10, 2014

Vegan Flax Tortilla Pizza

I have 15 minutes until I have to go catch the bus, so I'm gonna make this post a little quicker ;) :



there you go.

Recipe: Vegan Flax Tortilla Pizza
By: Hannah Claudia

Sun dried tomatoes, chopped
Vegan/Dairy-free mozzarella
(i used one that doesn't contain soy; tbh these don't taste good straight from the packaging, they taste TEN TIMES BETTER-and more like actual cheese- once melted!)
Fresh basil, chopped
opt: (additional toppings that you want)


1. Lay on the sundried tomatoes, the basil, the mozzarella, and any desired toppings.
2. Stick it under the broiler for about 2-3 minutes; keep an eye on it because the cheese will melt fast and you don't want the tortillas to burn! (i had some singed ends but i was able to break off those ends)

enjoy ;) (without the excess calories of regular pizzas but with the same taste!)

xoxo, hannah

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