September 3, 2014

The Opposite of Senioritis - First Day of Senior Year

(typing this post while I'm enjoying my awesome leftover nectarine cashew quinoa fried "rice"...recipe to come ;) i promise you'll love it)

I'm a senior...when did that happen?

(my modified version of what Meredith said in Grey's Anatomy in Season 1 when she was facing a possible lawsuit...yeah I'm that in love with the show)


Today was my last first-day-of-high-school. Did you get that?
Senior. senior. senior. senior. senior. omg. when did that happen. when. when. when. i'm not asking. i'm demanding to know when. WHEN!!!!!!!!

Everything was just so surreal today; right from 6:45 am when i was walking to my bus stop (two more weeks until i can take my driver's test...TWO MORE!!) to dismissal when I resumed my daily afterschool routine of eating grapes on the bus ride home. I just couldn't believe it. Everything feels comfortable; I know the school (the carpet changed...we just couldn't stop talking about it because it's pretty much the biggest thing about our environment that's changed), I know who my teachers are (and I know some of them), and I know pretty much who everyone is (other than the freshman and most of the sophomores lol upperclassmen only notice upperclassmen anyways, right? jk).

I'm half intimidated and half lost right now. I just can't believe school has already started...
My classes are....scary? Intimidating? 

Let's start in order:

my AP Lang class was my very first class, and it left me....scared, breathless, and excited. The class seems like it will require a lot of work/dedication/effort/time, but the material and everything that we did today (and it's only the first day) was so interesting and I learned so much in the 20 minutes we spent on analyzing a paragraph. ONE PARAGRAPH. and it got me that excited.

as for physics...well, I'm taking college prep physics, so it's definitely not as vigorous as my other classes (but hey I need a break...but just letting you guys know, I might have to drop physics in order to take another class so i can fulfill my stinking graduation requirements...WHY CAN'T I TAKE CLASSES BECAUSE I WANT TO TAKE THEM?!), but my teacher seems to be SUPER passionate about the subject and excited about sharing her knowledge with us, which makes me excited, especially about a subject that I have never really had that much interest in. 

calc? teacher was funny but loud and scary and i already know him from my freshman season of basketball...little awkward? eh..kinda? but it was entertaining. I'm just kind of nervous about calc in general because I didn't go to summer school to take an enrichment course so I'm just a dumb bunny when it comes to calc right now...luckily for me, everyone has been saying they don't remember limits at all, so i'm not alone.

then i found out that my credit for taking that AWFUL java course this past summer can't be validated due to silly policy changes and what not. i'm not the only one in that position, but it's just another problem that i have to deal with right now (and i don't want to). 

orchestra was...fantastic. lol. class was spent with dealing with housekeeping stuff (same teacher for the past 4 years, AWESOME) and i had the whole period to catch up with my best friends. we talked and talked and talked and joked and joked and joked and it was just so refreshing after having spent the majority of this summer stuck doing work work work on my own. 

AP bio was really fun too; i had this teacher in ninth grade and we've been friends since so it was nice to be in that classroom again :) he pulled a little stunt that embarrassed me and another girl who had him in the past lol, but i laughed it off anyways, and I had fun talking with my lab group about fruit flies and terrible past teachers :)

study hall was probably the first study hall ever in my entire life where I didn't do any work at all. I spent the entire hour catching up with a really good friend, and we talked about everything: from comparing our culture to our parents' to how monetization on YouTube works. i talked so freaking much that I actually nearly lost my voice --- it was at that scratchy-raspy phase. and that rarely happens. it was fun.

so that was my school day; after I came home, I just spent 3.5 hours unpacking, trying to organize myself/get settled into the groove of things, and doing HOMEWORK. I know. homework. it took that long?! YESSSS. And i'm actually not this 1/2 hour break to write this post (took me a 1/2 hour to make my lunch for tomorrow/reheat that quinoa fried rice --- unexpected events aka an avocado gone bad ----FLORIDIAN AVOCADO BY THE WAY (my favorite :[  ) ----) should come to an end because I want to get a head start on tomorrow night's reading assignment for lang :P work work work. back to the grind. let's do this.

....i'm a

xoxo, hannah

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