September 5, 2014

Responsibility is Not Fun

do you binge eat? 

i binge eat.

are you a stress eater?

i'm a stress eater.

are you addicted to peanut butter?
i'm trying not to be, so instead of binge eating peanut butter, i ate terra chips. 

all of them.

so now they're gone.

i mean i only ate....1.5 cups worth of chips (and there's air in between too so...)...



how can school already be so stressful after 3 days?!
i had an ap lang test today, an ap calc test on tuesday, and an ap spanish lit test on thursday. i have a meeting on wednesday and thursday next week, i have four labs, and lots of events to prep for. and i still have my usual chores to do!

I've been eating my dinner while doing my homework for the past few days, and i don't like that...i can't concentrate on my food and i end up scarfing everything down and not feeling good afterwards :/

this weekend is going to be packed for me: tons of homework, lots of prep for my clubs/extracurrics, an audition to film, studying for all those tests, food prep for this upcoming week, college apps (finally my last school that i'm applying to opened up applications), and practicing parallel parking because my test is in two weeks!!!!

and i've got places to go to as well: i have to volunteer at 7:30 am tomorrow, our laundry machine doesn't work so i have to go over to my aunt's house to wash the clothes & sheets/towels, i really want to run over to the mall to find a gift for my best friend (and see if i can get brown pencil lol), i have church on sunday, and i also have to buy groceries/printer paper/a flash drive.

all in 48 hours?! is that possible?!


i think that's my word for the day.

but let's look on the positive side: i got to talk to 3 of my favorite-est people in the whole entire world :)
3 of my former teachers (and actually one is my current teacher again). they're amazing. so kind. so sweet. so nice. so funny.
gosh i miss being in their classes so much :(
have you ever had a teacher who inspired you so much and was just so incredibly amazing that you just want to do the best you can do in that class for the sake of making that teacher proud?! (not even for a good grade to make yourself happy!)
those are the teachers i got to have quick chats with today. and it made this day pretty good despite all the burdens :)

ahhh. those little moments make even the toughest days and mental freak outs good.

xoxo , Hannah

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