September 27, 2014

reality check

I want to be at home right now, curled up in my bed, drinking hot lemon water, and watching Grey's Anatomy. 
but I'm not.


Yesterday, I had another reality check. I was still feeling really sick (my voice yesterday and today resembles that of a 13 year old boy. not fun), and my math teacher just had to be all rude as usual; even my friends have noticed that he's just generally a whole lot meaner towards mean than he is to anyone else. I was not feeling it, but I let it go because quite frankly, I can't do anything about it and I kinda want an A. sorry, but that's life.

For a lot of the day, I was just dwelling on the negative thoughts provoked by that incident, and didn't feel like myself.
Before biology class, I stopped by one of my previous teacher's (a really really good friend) and talked to him for a bit. It was all college related, but he's such a cheerful person it just made me more cheerful just talking to him.
Before leaving for study hall later on, I stopped by my favorite teacher's room (my math teacher from 2 years ago) and asked him the question that my current math teacher refused to answer. This was the second time I saw him yesterday, and as usual, he greeted me with the biggest smile when he saw me. That just instantly made me feel better. Then, he helped me out, and turns out it really does not take that much time to answer a simple question. I understood everything, we talked for a bit, and I was on my way. 

That got me thinking.

Yes, I have had more than my fair share of awful teachers. (and I mean awful). But I've also been lucky enough to have had a few really incredible teachers too. Since middle school, I have had six amazing teachers. I have about 4-5 new teachers each year, and although I've had a few other good teachers (a semester course essay teacher who is one of the few teachers out there who has a common sense, a few summer teachers who I learned a lot from, three really kind gym teachers who taught a lot of life lessons), these six have been the most influential. I've been lucky enough to have had 6 teachers who I can call my friends, not just teachers. There's no professional student-teacher weirdness; I've gotten to know them and they've gotten to know me. They've always been more than willing to help me truly understand the subject that I'm studying because they want me to succeed. I don't have to feel nervous about asking a question (and believe me, I've had several teachers who have been like my current math teacher) and I get EXCITED to go to their classes. 

So I have these six friends/mentors/teachers in my life who are beyond amazing. (I mean one of them, my favorite teacher ever, was happy to answer a question that I had even when he hasn't been my teacher for 2 years.) And everything that they've done for me outshines all the bad teachers I've ever had. And I need to remember that. Especially because I know several of them are so incredibly happy and hardworking despite all the circumstances/negative situations they deal with. If they can be this happy everyday, so can I.

xoxo, Hannah

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