September 15, 2014

High School Supplies & Organizational Tips + What's In My School Beauty Bag

Here's what I bring for school:
1. agenda
2. pencil bag
3. lunch & 2 waters
4. beauty bag, phone, ipod
5.  a notebook per class (i have about 5; i use a graph-paper ntbk for calculus)
6. my AMAZING 5-Star Flex hybrid Notebinder
7. 2 binders (required for two classes this year)

What I leave at home:
1. my binders (generally one per class; this year, two of my teachers actually require us to bring binders so i have to carry 2 binders)
2. textbooks
3. extra stationary supplies

Watch my "How To Take Cornell Notes" Video:

Watch my "High School Supplies & Organizational Tips" Video:

1. makeup bag: this one was a gift; by Vera Bradley
2. cat coin purse (from TJ Maxx) with girl stuff (you know what I mean)
3. floss
4. lotion/hand balm (more info below)
5. chapstick (either by Burt's Bees or Badger Balm; something natural)
6. hair stuff (more info below)
7. backup concealer (rarely use it, but you never know)
8. tissues

for lotion, I typically bring Mad Gab's Citrus Moisturizing balm (got that in Yellowstone) because I can use it for my elbows, knees, hands, cuticles, even lips, because it's all natural. it's a vaseline consistency, so it's quite oily, but it works. on the other hand, come winter time, when my hands become super super dry, i bring Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body lotion instead because even though that's not all natural, it works like a charm (this stuff is expensive so this is a hotel sample xD)

for hair stuff: i bring conair roller pins, mini elastics, and hair ties (also not shown: those snap on clips but in black)

xoxo, Hannah

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