September 8, 2014

Fall Eve

 the denim shirt and the leggings are both thrifted from Plato's Closet :)
If you have one near you, I DEFINITELY recommend checking it out; it's basically a store with clothing (for both men and women) and accessories and shoes from forever 21, american eagle, h&m, PINK (you get the point) for reduced prices!
Think about it: forever 21 prices REDUCED?!?! 
It's an amazing place.
Also, it's much more organized than salvation army/goodwill, less high-end and pricey than typical consignment stores, and you can sell your own clothes too! (and you don't have to wait until your item sells, you get the money right away!)

I promise this isn't a sponsored post x) (i wish)
I really do recommend that you check out Plato's Closet!

xoxo, Hannah

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