September 16, 2014

Dinner In A Rush

i'm currently watching Bethany Mota's dance routine from last night; she did good!!!! I do agree with Julianne
that the links can be worked on, but it's her first time and I honestly couldn't do what she just did!

The other night, I was just so packed that I didn't have any time to really put an effort into my dinner, so I just quickly cooked some asparagus and mushrooms and threw in some leftover corn and bam. dinner.

only 3 more days until my birthday and i am trying really hard to not be nervous for my driver's test. i think all of the pressure to pass is just coming from myself because for the past week, I've been really envisioning/dreaming about how independent I can be when I have a license. It's not like I'm one of those kids who will drive away and just come home to sleep; no no no, I'm a homebody, I like to stay at home and watch Grey's Anatomy. But this allows me to go to more school events and meetings and what not without having to worry about whether or not my parents will be available to give me a ride or whether or not I'm intruding on their schedule. Plus, I think it'll be really fun to get to pick my brother up from soccer practice and stop by the froyo place to treat him (#bestbigsisteraward please?).
But before I can do all that, I have to pass. Ugh. Pressure. No. Go away. kay. off to do some yoga.

xoxo, hannah

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