September 12, 2014

Cashew Butter Cookie (Fail & Then A Semi-Success)

I had a HANKERING (props to you if you watched "Grown Ups") for cookies. And I had lots of cashews at home. And I really wanted to just STUFF ALL OF THEM in my mouth. So I decided to make some cashew butter cookies. I found a pretty good looking recipe that's flourless (not vegan), and I tried it out. I modified the recipe slightly by omitting the sugar (I regret doing that), I made my own cashew butter (same as my almond butter but takes only 5 minutes), and I didn't flatten the cookie dough before putting it in the oven for the first batch :P.

What happened with the first batch was that the cookies looked like scones/had the texture of they were soft and puffy and cake-like instead of chewy and crispy on the edges like the cookies that I like....And the cashew butter ended up tasting slightly bitter so I wished I had added some sugar. So I ate them (yeah they didn't taste as good as I expected but I ate 6 anyways) with a little bit of apricot jelly on the inside.

So with the second batch, I flattened the cookies with a fork and they came out looking as they did when they went into the oven ---flat, therefore, they were chewier and less "puffy"/cake-like. I gave these away ;)

So keep in mind when you make these:
1. These don't spread, so flatten the cookies before baking them!
2. Add some sugar. Please. It'll taste a whole lot better.
3. Bring some to me?


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