September 18, 2014

16 Years 364 Days

Today, I'm 16 years and 364 days old. 
Or something like that.

What have all these days of living taught me?
  1. Surround myself with quality friends ---quality > quantity.
  2. It takes EFFORT to consciously not care what people think
  3. Risks are so worth it. 
  4. There's no point in worrying about making a fool out of myself. I do it naturally anyways, so I might as well just embrace it.
  5. Do what I love. Especially when I'm upset.
  6. There's nothing a good bike ride can't fix.
  7. Sometimes, I gotta just move on. Memories are memories, but time keeps moving on. I gotta move on with the rest of the world, because everyone and everywhere is always changing. Trying to actually relive my memories might not always work because the situation or people will have changed. Enjoy the memories because they're unchanging, but I gotta move on.
  8. Smile more. People say I have a nice smile.
  9. So people stare. So people judge. Why do I care? Those who do that aren't my friends. I won't see them ever again. 
  10. Often times I don't realize how amazing something is/how lucky I am until it's gone. So appreciate every moment possible.
  11. Friendships require work; when someone has no interest at all in putting effort into your friendship, they might not be a very good friend.
  12. There's too much "negative crap out there" (as my gym teacher put it), so surround yourself with as much positivity as possible.
  13. I look best in cream/white, olive green, and maroon/burgundy.
  14. My brother is pretty amazing. He's probably the best listener I know.
  15. Perfectionism is my fatal flaw.
  16. Sometimes it's good to think over things. Other times it's better to just go for it compulsively.
  17. Making time to relax is so important. My workaholic attitude towards everything is harmful and it's important to step back and let things go. It's better for my health.
  18. I'm freaking blessed to have so many great people around me. Sometimes I feel alone and frustrated, but I stop and realize how lucky I am to have a strong support group and amazing mentors to look up to.
  19. Being excited to learn and go to a class is just about the best feeling ever.
  20. Second chances are worth giving.

xoxo, Hannah

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