August 8, 2014

Them Feels (Summer Trip Day 1 | Newport, RI)

my parents learned to take selfies & panoramas xD soo cute

ahhhh we went to newport and stayed there for one night <3 it felt so freaking good to be back; and it was even nicer to not be freezing our butts off in 30 degree weather at 10:30 pm. we went back to the red parrot for dinner and we retraced our steps from our last trip, and we couldn't stop but gush over our feelings of deja vu...this place is awesome.

i vlogged most of the day, and i couldn't help but notice all the weird looks ;) i don't mind though, it's nice to document everything in video! 


the internet here isn't the greatest, so i'm just gonna leave this off with this one last gorgeous photo of the sunset. :)
and now i have 52 videos to edit & to consolidate into 1 vlog ahhh i might do that in our car ride though...we'll see ;D (and no worries, photos of our food will be in a future blog (they're on my mom's phone and the internet isn't great so i'll just add them in another post!))

Vlog: "It's So Nice!"

xoxo, hannah

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