August 30, 2014

Sweet Professional

Here's another way to wear khaki/tan pants! I love the skinny leg on these because it just looks so much more feminine and modern than a straight leg. I'm so excited about this top that I thrifted when I went to Princeton to meet up with my best friend Yasmeen <3. It was $15 and it has a pearl/chain bib "necklace" that's attached to the shirt, making it look really sophisticated and really transforms the plain grey t shirt to something that's suitable to dress up. I matched the white pearls and silver chains with a white/silver watch; watches are the go-to accessory for any professional outfit in my opinion; "arm candy" isn't exactly professional looking in my opinion because it doesn't portray a "clean and sophisticated" look but more "boho/free spirit". 

I'd most likely stick to a pair of plain black flats or strappy black minimalist heels with this outfit to complement the black on the shirt. I wouldn't go for oxfords or loafers that cover your feet too much because i think showing a little skin by wearing shoes that expose a little more skin will balance out the conservative look (crew neck tee and long khakis cover up a lot which is appropriate for a professional look but it's still the 21st century and you want to look balanced).

Top: thrifted but it's by Ann Taylor Loft
Khakis: H&M
Watch: DKNY

If you want to watch me show these khakis in a haul, watch this video :) :

xoxo, Hannah

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